Historical and contemporary curiosities of Sova´Mills

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Curiosities related to the name of the mill .Just like the other noted landmarks even this mill had changed its name frequently. It was happening due to frequent changes of its owners who were coming and leaving again. So we learn from the historical sources that the mill was called Sovovský at the end of the 15th century, then it was renamed Severínovký, further Kosořský. Later it returned to the original name Sovovský and from 1850 it was noted as Odkolkovký Mill.

Sovovy mlýny (Sova´s Mills) – panorama picture
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Sovovy mlyny

In credit of Václav Sova Sovovy Mlýny (eng: Sova´s Mills)
Václav Sova whose task was to build up a mill and also houses in this place carried out perfect work. He built a house there, set up the mills, iron-mill with grinding mill, sawmill, furter also lime kiln, washboards for drapery and alum tannery for tanning skins and other noted businesses. There used to be an extensive farm yard and gorgeous gardens in the premises of the mill. Sova´s descendants who were in charge of the complex after his death enlarged and rebuilt it. As a result a gorgeous two-winged main building emerged decorated with splendid, for a mill quite typical, construction elements such as the beautiful dominant gables.

Sovovy Mlýny (eng: Sova´s Mills) Current use of the object
You won´t hear the clapper of the millwheel
in Sova´s Mills these days any more. The object is namely used for the purpose of Muzeum českého výtvarného umění (Museum of Czech Fine Arts). Visitors have the opportunity to see the pictures from the collection of Jan and Meda Mládek. This married couple accumulated the collection of the noted authors in America and later donated it to Czech Republic.

The collection contains pictures by Jiří Kolář, František Kupka, Toyen, sculptures by Otto Gutfreund, works of K. Nepraš, J. Načeradský and many more treasures of the fine arts. The total number of the works is one thousand two hundred and they come from the workshops of the 20th century Czech artists.

Lucie Niebauerová

U Sovových mlýnů 2/503
Praha 1 – Malá Strana (Prague 1 – Lesser Town)
Kampa (Kampa Island)

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