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4. 8. 2009

The Charles Bridge is the longest in central Europe

ikona_disabled22Charles Bridge replaced the Judith Bridge which had spanned the Vltava since the late 12th century. The Judith Bridge was the longest in central Europe (514m long) until it was swept away in a flood in 1342. It was Charles IV’s idea to build a new bridge (originally called simply the Stone Bridge). » More »


2. 8. 2009

The Clementinum – the largest Jesuit building in the Czech lands

The Clementinum, a former Jesuit college, is the second largest place of interest in Prague after Prague Castle, and the largest Jesuit building in the Czech lands. The Jesuits arrived in Prague in 1556 on the invitation of Habsburg Emperor Ferdinand I in order to strengthen the Counter-Reformation in the Czech lands. » More »

Frantisek Ronovsky

20. 7. 2009

Exhibitions: František Ronovský (1929 – 2006)

In his temperament and talents, František Ronovský was virtually destined to create monumental figural works, which represent a valuable alternative to other expressions of the Czech painting in the second half of the past century. » More »


19. 7. 2009

Hartmann: landscapes in the paintings of Jan Jakub Hartmann (1658 – 1736)

New exhibition from the long-term on-loan series. On loan from a private collector featuring three paintings including documentary material on their restoration. » More »

Prague Castle Gallery

17. 7. 2009

Prague Castle Picture Gallery

The parmanent exhibition on show at the Prague Castle Picture Gallery introduces visitors to a splendid collection of over one hundred prime paintings which have been carefully selected from some 4 000 » More »


16. 7. 2009

Path of Life. Rabbi Judah Loew ben Bezalel (ca. 1525–1609)

September 7, 2009 will mark the 400th anniversary of the death of the renowned rabbi Judah Liva (Loew) ben Bezalel, known as the Prague Maharal. » More »


15. 7. 2009

Jazz at the Prague Castle: Hank Jones Trio

Hank Jones (born 31 Aug. 1918) is a legend on the international jazz scene. The oldest and the last of the famous Jones brothers (trumpeter Thad died in 1986, while » More »


14. 7. 2009

Music of the Prague Castle 2009

Music of the Prague Castle. The Fifth Year of the Concert Cycle. All concerts begin at 7:30pm. » More »

Allegory od the Turkish Wars

13. 7. 2009

Long term loan – Bartholomeus Spranger, Allegory of the Turkish Wars

This painting is the most recent loan to the Prague Castle Gallery permanent exhibition. It provides an excellent opportunity to become acquainted, in a single work of art, not only with the style of Bartholomeus Spranger, » More »


4. 7. 2009

World War One on Foot. Through the Lens of an Unknown Soldier

The second half of the 19th century was influenced by great developments in science and technology, the results of which were applied to equipment in virtually all armies. » More »

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