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Church of the Virgin Mary the Victorious


Pha1 - Kostel Panny marie Vítězné06This Lesser Town church which used to be a protestant ornatory was built thank to the German Lutherans in 1611. The building was completed two years later and called by the German protestants the church of the Holy Trinity. » More »

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Infant Jesus of Prague – basic information

The Church of Our Lady Victorious hides a historically valuable object that we can call the most famous Czech statue of Infant Jesus of Prague. The Infant Jesus of Prague represents Jesus Christ as a child. Come and see the beautiful statue that used to be and still the symbol of faith and hope for many. » More »

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Church of Our Lady of Victory – basic information

Kostel Panny Marie Vítězné (eng. Church of Our Lady of Victory or Church of the Virgin Mary the Victorious) in the Lesser Town can appeal to some of you as quite a common sacred construction. However,the opposite is true. It is an exceptional significant architectural monument protecting the worldwide adored statue of the Infant Jesus of Prague behind its walls. » More »


THE CHURCH OF OUR LADY VICTORIOUS – the Infant Jesus of Prague (il Bambino di Praga)

Church of the Virgin Mary the Victorious was built on a site were originally the Church of the Holy Trinity stood, the oldest baroque place of worship in Prague which was finished in 1613 by Giovanni Mario Filippi for German Lutherans. In 1624 the church was handed over to the Carmelites who turned it around » More »


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