Jara Cimrman museum


New museum for fans of great genius Jara Cimrman is placed at the basement of old TV tower on Petřín hill. The position of the museum is well chosen, because it was Jara Cimrman, who asisted with designing of famous Eiffel tower in Paris, which was the main inspiration for prague’s old TV tower architects. Therefore you can find there model of Eiffel tower before Cimrman’s final touch, skis on which master taught Ronald Amundsen telemark or the only existing Cimrman’s bust.

Jara Cimrman is a fictive character, which was created by ensemble of small comedy theatre, which decided to perform only his (Cimrman’s) plays. Each of their performance is devided into two parts. One part is the stage play and another one tells the visitors about aspects of master’s life. Jara Cimrman’s life was set at the end of the 19th and beggining of the 20th century. This person has become so popular, that almost every Czech knows details from his life, some of the streets have his name and there are plenty memorials of him around the country. You can find here more information about this character

Petřínská rozhledna (Petřín view tover)
Petřínské sady
Prague 1 – Lesser town
Tel.: +420 257 320 112
Web: http://www.museumonline.at/2006/muzeum_jary_cimrmana/CZ/CZStarts.html

Opening times: daily 10 – 22 hod.

Entrance fee: free entry

Wheelchair access: only from back side of the tower, with assistance.

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