Jan Kepler Museum


Exposition, reminding of life and work of Johanes Kepler in Prague, is placed inside the house, where he lived between years 1607 and 1612. Several attractive information pannels and displays with animations are installed for the visitors, and several surprises for kids as well. Even the tickets are designed as souvenires, so each visitor can bring with him some nice memory from the place.

Keplerovo muzeum v Praze
Prague 1 – Old town
Karlova 4
e-mail: provas@vol.cz
web: www.keplerovomuzeum.cz
tel.: +420 608 971 236

Opening times: Tue–Sun 10.00–18.00 h.

Entrance fee:
basic – 30 CZK, children and seniors – 20 CZK, children up to 6 – free.

Wheelchair access: no

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