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Vojtěch Sláma: photographic exhibit

Author’s work is based on principals of group called „Česká paralaxa“. His fascination with beauty of ordinary moments makes simple situations look extraordinary, almost celebratory. » More »


Galerie chez Annamarie, Prague 1

Our gallery was established in 2002, in Prague – Malá Stana. It is situated in a picturesque 14th century courtyard, only a few steps away from the Charles Bridge. Even though we are a relatively new gallery, we have managed to become a part of the local visual arts scene. The gallery is frequently visited not only by art lovers and connoisseurs, but also by visitors who have grown tired during their sightseeing tours, and wish to cheer up their soul in our tranquil sanctuary. » More »

THE BAUER'S VILLA in Libodrice, Cubist museum

Visit the cubist Bauer’s villa in a picturesque village of Libodřice, District of Kolín, Central Bohemian Region. In 1912 – 14 a prominent architect Josef Gočár built a family house in cubist style for Adolf Bauer, the tenant and later the owner of the local large estate. Cubism, a new modern style at that time, is very unusual in rural environment. Cubist forms are displayed particularly on decorative star-shaped window and door edging as well as in the skewed form of the main cornice. Spatial arrangement of the house is more traditional, although we can find some cubist details even in the interior. » More »

Galerie Miro, Prague 1

ikona_disabled22This church, located on the grounds of Strahov Monastery, is one of the city's most unusual. It is a tall, slender combination of Renaissance, baroque and Gothic styles. It is used by a successful Slovak art dealer to house one of his three Prague galleries. Regular sales exhibitions feature accessible modern art of the corporate boardroom variety, as well as masters such as Dali, Braque and Picasso. Don't forget to bring your cheque-book! » More »