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Website purpose Prague Castle - view from embankment

The task of the website PRAGUE CITY LINE is to offer to you, visitors to Prague, pleasantly spent moments in Prague and particularly plenty of new adventures during your wanderings through our „Mother of Cities“.

The website is divided into topics so that everybody can choose what she/he wants to see and visit. The information you are looking for are conceived in the form of individual articles and integrated, topically oriented trails. Both the articles and tracks are interconnected by links (you will recognize them according to colored underlined words). This division will help you to get better navigation on the website and simply find relations among the monuments. We are doing our best so that you get to know Prague well, enjoy your leisure time in Prague and also come to Prague again.

The website PRAGUE CITY LINE ranks among the most extensive websites about Prague. Prague is here described on more than 3.500 pages. You will find here everything about Prague´s monuments, attractions, unknown corners, gardens and also about the history and people who used to live here.

The beauties of Prague are portrayed in more than 4.000 pictures which are distributed among 250 galleries and whose amount is increasing every day. You will find here up-to-date photos, period photographs which portray Prague in centuries and finally also panoramic photographies which portray the given place in the best way.

Website division: The palace gardens under the Prague Castle - Velká Fürstenberská garden

The first part contains information on Prague, its history and transport connections incl. railway stations, parking places and description of the city public transport.

In the second part you will find the tourist and educational trails. These tracks are planned as one-day trips and they will show you around the most interesting landmarks of the individual Prague districts.

The most popular educational trail with tourists is Praguecityline Praha 1 which will take you to the most interesting places of Prague 1 and introduce the monuments of Prague 1 to you.

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The next part contains the topical trips. These trips are conceived as trips around some place or according to some topic. If you want to learn about the Prague Castle – we have prepared description of this unique monument and a printable guidbook for you. If you want to find out where the royal processions used to walk – the articles will reveal everything about the royal coronation and the passage which every new monarch had to undergo.

Jiřího z Poděbrad Square and Church of the Most Sacred Heart of Our Lord Another section waiting for you concerns all-day trips through Prague. These trips will show you around interesting places which even the native Prague citizens do not know. You do not have to worry about getting lost. You can take our printable guidebooks with you which you can download for free and print. The guidebooks contain detailed trails incl. recommendations what to see, where to eat and park and where to find the nearest station of the city public transport.

Do you still want more? We have arranged also trips to the neighbourhood of Prague for you – the trips to the most interesting places in the neighbourhood .

The next parts will be popular with people who long for the culture and shopping. We will show you around the museums of Prague, galleries and other cultural places. If you want to know where the Prague citizens go shopping click on the shops website and you will know where to go.

If you want to know where to have a good meal or where to put up, we have prepared information and references for good food and excellent accomodation for great prices for you.

We hope you will enjoy Prague and come back again.